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At ITrust Tax and Accounting we are firm believers in the old adage, "You shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket." That's why we are one of the successful small business accountant Castle Hill has been using for many years. We offer more than one service.


We offer many tax accounting services to assist you with your tax lodgements. Whether you are an everyday person with everyday needs or a business owner with more complicated demands, we will focus on exactly what can be done to lessen the amount of taxes you pay using the laws provided for Australian taxes and applying them to your specific needs.


Your finances, whether personal or business, keep you up and running. Both households and businesses have to be aware of their cash flow, how they are spending and how best to manage their finances. We can assist with all of the services required of the accounting firms Castle Hill uses (can we word this abit better so that it makes more sense). From financial planning to basic book keeping or advanced business financial strategies we can offer the advice and assistance to keep you financially sound.

Small Business Accountant Castle Hill: Big Plans

You are going to need the finances to run your household long after the last toast at your retirement party. We can help you with the financial planning now to make sure you are ready to settle into retirement in the future. We can also assist with savings for your children's education so they have something to depend on for their future as well.

We can supply you with the financial services you require to keep your business running smoothly and your household managing your cash flow wisely. Contact us at iTrust Tax and Accounting sooner than later so that we can start getting your finances in order now and well into the future.

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